Traditional Worship

At Jackson First Baptist Church we have a Christ-centered, Spirit-lead worship service arranged in a traditional format. We believe the Bible is our guide for worship and that the Lord Himself presides over our service. Corporate song and prayer, the reading of Scripture, the Lord’s Supper and Baptism, and the preaching of God’s Word are key features in our time together on the Lord’s Day.

We believe worship is not about personal preference, an individual’s opinions, emotional experience, individualism, the traditions of men, or establishing our own righteousness. Rather, it is the people of God gathered as one body to honor, worship, love, enjoy, and praise the One who has redeemed us, the Son of God!

Diverse Dress

There are a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds who gather at Jackson FBC to worship. We don’t have a dress code, leaving it up the individual worshipper to prepare both outwardly and inwardly for worship. You will find suit jackets and t-shirts, slacks and blue jeans, but most importantly you will find God’s family gathered to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.