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Sunday Morning Worship:                 10:45am*

Wednesday Night Bible Study:          6:00pm*

*Note: All of our services are family integrated, which means kiddos are welcome to learn and grow in their faith alongside adults. 


Church Building:                                 1105 Main Street, Jackson, KY 41339

Church Office:                              342 Broadway Street, Jackson, KY 41339*

Note: The Church Office is adjacent to the church building.  See below for a facilities map.

What to Expect

Christ Centered & Biblically Oriented

At Jackson First Baptist Church we are devoted to magnifying the Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do. Here, you will find that Jesus Christ is the center of our community. He is the Living Word of God, our Lord, our Great High Priest, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. He’s the reason we gather together, worship, and are known as a local Church.

You will find we are also a church under revealed authority, understanding Christ speaks to us today alone through the written word of God, which is entirely trustworthy in all matters. We hold that the Bible, those 66 books of Holy Scripture, are inspired, inerrant, authoritative, and wholly sufficient. We entrust ourselves to God’s voice as heard in the scriptures, holding to the traditional Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura, or Scripture Alone.

Traditional Worship Format

At the First Baptist Church of Jackson we have a Christ-centered, Spirit-lead worship service arranged in a traditional format. We believe the Bible is our guide for worship and that the Lord Himself presides over our service. Corporate song and prayer, the reading of Scripture, the Lord’s Supper and Baptism, and the preaching of God’s Word are key features in our time together during the Lord’s Day.

We believe worship is not about personal preference, an individual’s opinions, emotional experience, individualism, the traditions of men, or establishing our own righteousness. Rather, it is the people of God gathered as one body to honor, worship, love, enjoy, and praise the One who has redeemed us, the Son of God!

Family Intigrated Worship

Here, we are embrace the historic practice of teaching children to worship the Lord Jesus Christ with the rest of the family instead of segregated by themselves. Most of the time when we find the church gathered for worship in Scripture (e.g. Deuteronomy 29:10-12Joshua 8:35Ezra 10:1Joel 2:16), we find fathers, mothers, and children worshiping together.

Worshiping with children can be quite a challenge, especially when there are several little ones who are not yet reading and able to follow along for themselves or when there are babies needing care. We understand these difficulties as many of us either have lived, or are living, through them as well. We understand babies cry and may even need to be removed from the assembly from time to time. This is a part of worship. It doesn’t bother us in the least. We rejoice that the Lord has given these little ones and that they are able to learn to worship with us.

Diverse Dress

There are a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds who gather at Jackson FBC to worship. We don’t have a dress code, leaving it up the individual worshipper to prepare both outwardly and inwardly for worship. You will find suit jackets and t-shirts, slacks and blue jeans, but most importantly you will find God’s family gathered to worship the Lord Jesus Christ!

Directions to First Baptist Church:

From Lexington, Kentucky:

Take I-64 East from Lexington to Winchester, at Winchester take the Mountain Parkway, Campton and Hazard exit and drive about 40 miles and take the Campton exit (exits to the right) then go straight until you get to Jackson.  At the third traffic light, make a right and go to the next traffic light and make a right and you will be on Main Street.  Go straight on Main and at the bottom of the hill, First Baptist Church is on the left at the corner of Main and Broadway.

From Hazard, Kentucky:

From Hazard, take Hwy, 15 North and drive about 30 miles.  You will come through the first of four traffic lights at the Jackson Village Shopping center. Come straight through that light and at the fourth light, turn left (you will see Wendy’s and Rite Aid at that intersection)and go to the next traffic light and turn right onto Main Street.  Go straight on Main until you are at the bottom of the hill and First Baptist will be on your left at the corner of Main and Broadway.


Upon arrival at First Baptist Church you may park directly across from the church down Main Street.  You can also turn left at the corner of First Baptist and park on the side of the street or in the city hall parking lot on the right.

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